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Join us in revolutionizing gaming and technology. With decades of experience and streamlined capital, we empower visionary ideas to thrive. Our industry-specific approach prioritizes talent and longevity, ensuring your success. Let’s shape the future together.


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We are experienced private company investors in Videogames, Esports, Gamefi and Metaverse. Our founding family and investment team have a multi-decade track record of success in operating and scaling businesses. Decades of experience coupled with streamlined access to capital means your idea shows up in the world sooner. We match capital, top talent and specialist support with the software, game and technology ideas we believe in. It’s industry-specific, private investment designed to build capability, longevity and success. We have an eye for brilliant ideas, and the capital and talent to help make them happen. We’re investor family-centred and people-focused. We’ll retain and develop the great people you’ve attracted into your business.

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Dxventure invests in UK, European and North American innovators in Videogames, Esports, Streaming and Digital Sports. 

We invest in game creators and technology founders who are building the future.

We invest both in front-end Game Content creators and also in back-end Platform, Technology and Service innovators.

We back experienced entrepreneurial teams, building innovative companies with a strongly differentiated proposition and with the scaling opportunity to become very large.

Recent investments

Dxventure invests in exceptional companies that are building the future.

Announces Full Support for GameFi Development

London, UK

Dx venture invests $10 million in infinity exchange to kickstart revolutionary rwa entertainment game development

London, UK

Metagod is a metaverse inspired by classic board game - monopoly

London, UK



dxventure NEWS

DX Venture Recognizes The Potential Of Tour Billion's Gear Protocol Community And Announces Full Support For GameFi Development

DX Venture, a prominent venture capital firm with a keen eye for innovative projects, has identified the immense potential within Tour Billion’s Gear Protocol community. In a strategic move, DX Venture is excited to announce its comprehensive support for the development of the GameFi ecosystem within Tour Billion.

MetaGod Announces the Launch of Its Gamefi and Metaverse Platform

MetaGod, the London-based start-up, has announced the launch of its Gamefi and metaverse platform whereby it develops a complete ecosystem with a digitally rendered 3D virtual reality-based metaverse. It offers users the sole authority to create, build, and control their own metaverse focused on gamification, social interaction, entertainment, and play-to-earn.

DX Venture Invested US 1 Million Dollars And Joined The Racing Track Of Swift Race!

DX Venture, a dynamic player in the venture capital scene, has made an exciting stride into the world of high-speed competitive gaming. The venture capital firm is thrilled to announce its strategic investment of $1 million into Swift Race, a prominent racing game that is taking the esports world by storm.